What is your motivation RIGHT NOW?


What should be getting me out of bed in the morning?


The family has hired you to look after their children. They have picked YOU and paid a shit ton of money for YOU to look after THEIR PRIZED POSSESSIONS, thereby making you INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT.


You are here, in Holland, to learn more about yourself and how you deal with children. You are here to work hard, and forget about the corporate world. You are here to get back in touch with the basics. The foundations of life, of learning how to be.


Slow down. Be present. Remember why you are here.


You are going to do a personal trainer course. This will help you to reach your goal of combining children and fitness.


You can control your body. You can choose to be happy by choosing to do what YOU want to and not what your BODY wants you to do. Remember; mind over matter. Fuck the powlees.



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