What if?

What if this all works out exactly how I want it to, or better?
What if the reason things are the way they are is because this is what needs to happen for me to achieve my goals?
What if this is all a misunderstanding and everything is actually completely ok?
What if I go home and forget all about this, and it solves itself?
What if that attractive person over there is fantasizing about me right now?
What if I come by that money I need in the most unexpected way?
What if i had all the money in the world? What would you do?

I would buy myself a backpackers in Australia, in Byron Bay. I’d by a house in Camps Bay and some other awesome place to rent out, definitely a place in Fish Hoek too.

I’d have the best braai’s, kite-boarding instructors, surf instructors etc living on the premises. I’d have amazing food available for my guests. I’d have my black lab with my ALWAYS.


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