Mud Masters and LIFE Training

So Mud Masters is coming up, and I’ve just started Crossfit at Crossfit Naarden, so I thought I’s set myself a little goal to get cracking into Beast Mode and fuck shit up at Mud Masters Biddinghuizen 2017!!

I have also just started seeing a psychologist who very aptly told me that I have attachment issues. #fun. This does make a loooot of sense though once I scratched into it a bit. Why don’t you do the test yourself and see what attachment style you have? It could clear up a lot of SHIT I tell you!


Mine came out being preoccupied at first, but now it says Fearful Avoidant? Fuck knows, I’ll ask the psych on Wednesday.


My body has gone from High School fat (chubby) teenager (a) , to Anorexic, to recovered, to elite Kayla Itsines Fitness, to emotional wreck which is basically the fat (chubby) teenager (b)again. The difference between fat (chubby) A and B is the fact that I now actually have muscle and technique, whereas before I was just a big ton of lard.


THEREFORE I have short term goals/lifestyle changes that I am putting in place which will of course become long term changes.

  1. Continue psychology with Dr and work through EMDR therapy.
  2. Do proper meal planning so that I don’t have to stress about food.
  3. Stick to a mostly plant based diet (this may change but for now I quite like it)
  4. Go to Crossfit at least four days a week and do cardio twice a week. (Or 3 and 3 but whatever, as long as you have workouts 6 days a week – no excuses)
  5. I really want to add “speak my truth” but I know that if I did that I would have to make a very hard decision that I don’t want to make yet.
  6. Speak to my friends when I am feeling low.
  7. Pray more!



I will now be going on the pill (hopefully Yaz) to stop the period cravings from ruining my fucking life. This isn’t exactly a goal but its a step so I thought I’d add it in here at the end.

“The moments that define you have already happened, and they will happen again.” – Peter Dinklage





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